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Invisible-2: Metal with a progressive edge - the Lyrics

Shadow of a Dream

Are your thoughts really yours
Are they just what they seem -
They're really someone else's thoughts
Disguised as your own dream
Your eyes are fixed
on the T.V
& all you do is repeat
Every little thing that you see

Your thoughts are nothing
Just a shadow
Of someone else's dream
Wakin' you up with a scream

You're lost in your own world
You should have someone else's brain
You could think for yourself; not just repeat others
But you're just too lazy
Other's thoughts are theirs; not yours to steal
Don't repeat what they say
You'll end up just a hypocrite
Who wastes away all day


Someday you might wake up
from this other dream
& Find out how much you've acted just
like someone on the screen
And there's really a different person inside
Who wouldn't stop screamin'
You finally heard his call, and then you
woke up from your dream

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Invisible-2 is: Jeff Stepien (

Created: Friday, January 05, 2001 Updated: Saturday, January 06, 2001