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Invisible-2: Metal with a progressive edge - the Lyrics

Don't Take the Devil's Hand

Blood is dripping down your back
Claws of steel pick and scratch
He rips your heart out; it's colored black
The devil wants to make a pact
Through the pain the devil's sayin',
"Sign this now, don't delay,
In your blood, sign I say
Sign your soul away"

Don't sell your soul to this man
You lose your power to stand
On your feet; you'll never land
Don't let the devil take your hand

Covering you in a cloak
"Life," he says, "Is all a joke;
you can drink, you can smoke;
do drugs, you won't lose hope"
"I won't let you see the light
Just the blackness of the night
Others near you soon take fright
As they feel your strong dark side"


As the black rain falls around
All the lies fall to the ground
You now see light, and hear no sound,
And finally the truth comes out
Those alleged "truths" were lies in fact
He took all good from you fast
He gave you that heart attack
He tricked you into signing that pact

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Invisible-2 is: Jeff Stepien (

Created: Friday, January 05, 2001 Updated: Saturday, January 06, 2001